How to Lock Fishing Reels on Car Roof

How to Lock Fishing Reels on Car Roof: Easy & Less Expensive Methods

By Sophia the SeaMonster on Dec 31, 2022

Break it or make it: You choose either of the two things when planning to fish during your travels. Though other materials in your fishing toolkit, especially when you’re angling, are easily stored in any corner of your car. But your car isn't big enough to store a fishing rod. Bent slightly, and you’ll more likely to break it.

You might have been creative enough to figure out some ways but couldn’t do so. So, I found some simple and easy-to-adapt methods to safely take your fishing rod(s) on the journey. Also, these methods are equally beneficial if you have cast multiple rods at a time and don’t want to handle them all at once!

Lock Fishing Reels on the Car Roof: Some Simple Yet Effective Methods

Note: The methods below apply only if you have a ‘roof rack’ on your car.

Method No. 1: Use Bungee Cords

This is exactly what you’ve been bundling your stuff up with. Now, see what wonders this simple tool does in your fishing venture while traveling.

  • You’ll need at least six bungee cords.
  • If you have multiple rods, untie and store any lures if attached to them somewhere else. This will help you transport and secure rods safely without any mess up.
  • Join the rods’ handle ends together and make it a bundle.
  • Tie both ends of the bundle using two bungee cords.
  • Then, place the bundle on the top of the roof rack facing the handle ends facing forwards - to the car’s front.
  • You’ll now need to keep handy three more cords. Use the first to tie the bundle onto the rack in the middle. Next, tie up the handle end with another cord. Finally, repeat the process with the front end using another cord.
  • And there you go!

Method No. 2: DIY Car Roof Fishing Rod Holder

Note: This method is only applicable to reel-less fishing rods (poles), not rods with reels.

  • Arrange for a PVC pipe. This pipe should be one foot longer than the length of your fishing poles, and the width should be around 3in more than how much width your rods’ bundle have. Following these sizing dimensions will ensure your rods are ‘comfortably’ stored inside the pipe, and there’s no chance of damage.
  • Arrange for a conduit carrier kit Containing two end caps, four U-bolts, and all the necessary screws to secure the pipe. The end caps are attached to the pipe ends to keep the poles inside it. Also, make sure the kit matches the pipe’s sizing dimensions. For example, if your pipe is 8in wide, opt for an 8in kit.
  • One of the two end caps contains a door that locks. This is to allow the pipe to open, store, and retrieve your fishing poles safely and efficiently.
  • To ensure an extra-tight hold of caps, line the outside openings of the pipe with silicone. Then, wait for each to dry before securing the caps.
  • You’ll now have to secure the pipe to the roof rack using U-bolts. Put the pipe on top of the roof rack. Place one of the U-bolts over the pipe so that it holds the pipe to the roof rack. Screw the nuts tightly that were included in your carrier kit. These nuts keep the U-bolt holding the pipe and the rack together.
  • Repeat this step for each U-bolt and tie the pipe to the rack in four places along its length. Next, put your fishing rods in the pipe and shut the door. Now, you go on a ride while your rods are safe and secure!

Final Thought

So, choose whichever of the two methods suits you the best. These methods aren’t the end of the world - my goal was to identify the possible ways to lock your fishing reels on your car roof. You can use your creative abilities and see what a great idea you come up with!

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