How Strong is 8lb Fishing Line

How Strong is 8lb Fishing Line? All Nitty Gritty Cleared

By Sophia the SeaMonster on Dec 31, 2022

Putting the right line in your fishing kit is a crucial step toward achieving your fishing goals. If the line is weaker, it’ll break, and if it’s stronger and heavier than you require it to be, you’re not going to feel the fish bite. In any case, you’re just ruining all your efforts literally in a second. 

No matter whether you’re searching for an 8lb line or you have already got one, asking ‘how strong an 8lb fishing line is” is a great step toward your fishing success. It’s not only because you’re going to find the right answer and other important relevant things here, it’s also because this shows how passionate you are about the matter.

I’ll be helping you learn some important facts about a line’s pound-test, aka strength, how strong an 8lb and a bit above, 10lb line is, and what kind of fish you can catch using them.

What Does Pound Test Mean for Fishing Line?

The pound test aka line test refers to the fishing line’s strength in terms of pounds. Simply put, the pound-test certains the most weight a particular line can hold before it breaks. A line labeled as 20-lb-test means it can bear an up to 20lb fish, and the line will likely be on the edge of breaking if it carries anything heavier than 20lb.

The more I was researching it, the more frequently one idea was constantly wandering into my mind. And this was something that appeared as one of the most important aspects when determining the line strength, especially for those who love angling fishing.

“It’s all about when the line is wet.” Yep, this is something that mainly matters. For your information, In the recent past, fishing line manufacturers used to test their lines in dry conditions. They did this because fishing lines can become slightly weaker when wet or when exposed to water or high moisture for some time.

To tell the real story, the International Gas Fishing Association (IGFA) requires competitors to submit their fishing lines that will be used in the competition. The IGFA will perform their testing to determine what should be the final label on each brand’s line packaging.

Each test will load the fishing line when wet. In some competitions, the lines may even have knots to represent the real world better.

Why Is A Line's Pound Test Important?

Well, I'm pretty sure how much the pound test means to an angler. Suppose a line is labeled as a 10lb test but was dry when tested, and your efforts bear fruit as a 10lb fish onto the hook. What if you're pulling the fish out of the water and the line breaks midway?


How Strong is 8lb Fishing Line

An 8lb-test fishing line can bear all the targets involved in bass fishing, a recreational fishing activity liked by many fishermen in the U.S. Also, it’s not uncommon to find most angling fishermen settling on a 6-8lb-test line when planning for the general freshwater fishing.

How Strong is 10lb Fishing Line

With only a minor 2lbs difference, a 10lb fishing line is just a bit more stronger than an 8lb line. However, like the 8lb, the 10lb-test too is traditionally the perfect line strength for bass fishing.

So, what’s the rule of thumb for both lines?

In a nutshell, an 8-10-pound-test monofilament or fluorocarbon line with finesse presentations is ideal for bass fishing. The same range fishing line is strong enough to easily hold bass fish such as largemouth bass, catfish, walleye, and smaller salmon, to name a few.

What Can You Catch Using An 8lb & 10lb Fishing Line?

8lb Fishing Line:

Freshwater Fish Saltwater Fish
Kokanee Salmon Pink Salmon
Yellow Perch Greenling
Shad Pacific Sand Sole
Rainbow Trout Pacific Sanddab
Brook Trout n/a
Cutthroat Trout n/a
Smallmouth Bass n/a
Spotted Bass n/a
Tilapia n/a

10lb Fishing Line:

Freshwater Fish Saltwater Fish
Brown Trout Atlantic Bonito
Bull Trout Pacific Barracuda
Carp Bluefish
Freshwater Drum Chub Mackerel
Kokanee Salmon Greenling
Spotted Bass Pacific Sand Sole
Walleye Pacific Sanddab
White Fish Pink Salmon
n/a Sockeye Salmon
n/a Spiny Dogfish
n/a White Spotted Greenling

In Conclusion

Having enough knowledge of the fishing line pound test topic can make all your fishing efforts bear the sweet fruits all the time. And if you’re owning an 8lb or 10lb test fishing line, you need no more description as you already know how strong it is and which kinds of fish you can catch using them. Wishing you the best of luck with a groundbreaking fishing venture, not a ‘line-breaking’ one!

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