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How Much is a Surfboard? Costs According to Types

By Sophia the SeaMonster on Jan 08, 2023

In a surfing school, worries about the cost of hiring equipment don’t exist. And passing out from a surf school means you might have good knowledge of surfboards’ prices.

But the real stress begins when you’re a self-taught surfer and want to turn pro soon. One of the biggest issues many would-be surfers face is the cost of surfboards. They fear getting out of budget and not being able to spend any bucks on other equipment needed. But no worries, as you’re just about to grab all that necessary info on the topic and finally decide which type of surfboard you need - or desire - and how to choose the quality piece while spending as little as possible.

So, let’s get straight into it!

How Much is a Surfboard?

A surfboard can cost between $200-$500 and $600-$1500. The price range mainly depends on the type of board and the quality of the material used. The price also depends on the brand, shaper, size, and overall design of the board. Let’s discuss all the factors affecting the cost of a surfing board in detail.

Surfboards Prices As Per Types

Here’s the average surfboard cost based on its type and which purpose each type fulfills for different surfing levels and perks.

Longboards: Avg. Price-700-1500USD

Aka beginner surfboards, longboards are the old forms of surfboards and are familiar with old surfers. These are 8ft long, sometimes longer. The purpose of this is for stability.

They’re known for large volume (up to 6 inches), broad noses, and one fin. The superb stability they offer and the higher quantity of the material used make them more expensive than other types on the market.

They’re an excellent option for beginners thanks to the stability they offer and help you float effortlessly. But they aren't a great option if you are after the performance and would like to maneuver.

Funboards: Avg. Price-400-600USD

Aka egg boards, funboards are similar to longboards. However, a few elements distinguish them from longboards. Also, they’re a step up for beginners.

They’re 6-8ft long and have more fins than longboards. Like longboards, they too have a broad nose but contain more rockers. They’re less thick than longboards which makes them easier to maneuver.

Shortboards: Avg. Price-500-800USD

They’re most commonly seen on surfboards on the beach and are often used by experienced surfers. They have a pointy nose, 3 fins, and less volume than a longboard.

The best thing about these boards is using them with different wave sizes. Plus, their unique structure allows for easy, novel maneuverability.

Another edge they get over longboards is their fin setup that allows you to move up and down on the waves smoothly while having a more rocky movement and thrust.

They aren’t a thing for beginner surfers as they don’t provide the stability you need as a beginner and have less wave knowledge.

Funboard Surfboards: Avg. Price-700-1500USD

These boards are made for professional surfing and for those who are experts. These boards are more inclined to speed than to stability. They come in varying sizes, though the most common length is 7ft. Gunboards have more fins and more volume. That pointed nose and tail are for the sole purpose of speed.

Their thicker design makes them very buoyant; thus, the surfer achieves more speed in less time and with less difficulty.

Fish Boards: Avg. Price Starts from 400USD

They got their name from having 4 fins that look like fins on fish’s tails. They are always 6ft in length.

With fewer rockers, you can easily paddle on a wave while the 4 fins underneath allow for an easy turn. They’re only good at thigh-high or lower waves, not smaller ones.

Hybrid Surfboards: Avg. Price-500-800USD

When performance, speed, and maneuverability are joined together, a hybrid surfboard comes to the show!
The boards provide the surfers with a fusion of a longboard, fish board, and shortboard.

The critical elements of Hybrid surfboards are the wide point pushed forward, a low rocker line, a more comprehensive outline), more volume and thickness throughout, especially under the chest, medium rails, active bottom contours or concaves, and the tail shape. With such design and structure, the goal is to get ultimate stability, speed like a fish, and the unbeatable maneuverability of a shortboard.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that you should budget between $300 and $1500 for your surfboard. However, as a beginner, you should stick to the $200-$600 USD range, as there is no need to start with premium surfboards. Gain more experience before making any more considerable investment. You’ll end up figuring out whether surfing is your thing or not. As you grow as a surfer, you can opt for the more advanced types of surfboards as per your needs and desires. Till then, wishing you the best surfs of your life!

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